ASSP October 14th Meeting – Wearables

  • October 14, 2019
    11:30 am - 1:00 pm

For the October meeting – there will be no meeting fee/charge, however lunch will be on your own. 


Using wearable devices to quantify musculoskeletal stress and validate the effectiveness of work posture training.



EHS professionals benefit from technologies that can objectively quantify musculoskeletal stress and measure the effect of risk prevention initiatives.  Risk factors associated with certain postures (e.g. bending and twisting at the waist), are effectively and accurately measured by posture sensing devices.  This presentation will demonstrate how posture sensing devices can be utilized and provide participants with information on how to conduct very simple quantitative studies to determine if their ergonomics initiatives are resulting in the reduction of musculoskeletal stress.  The quantitative data collected by posture sensing devices may also be helpful in validating the cost of ergonomics initiatives.


Dave Damico BIO

David Damico, MA, CPE is a Board Certified Ergonomist and Sr. Ergonomics Consultant with Marsh Risk Consulting.   David provides innovative Ergonomics and Human Factors Engineering solutions to sustainably reduce musculoskeletal injury risk factors and associated costs.  His main focus is on developing Lifestyle ergonomics programs to ensure people can protect themselves from working positions of physical stress, wherever they are.  He is currently introducing emerging technologies such as exoskeletons and posture sensing devices into the work environment.


David has held the role of corporate ergonomist with USAA and Home Depot, conducted human factors research for the Federal Government, hospitals and financial institutions, and assisted in the reduction of injuries in fields from heavy industrial to light office work. David has 33 years of professional experience and holds a Master’s degree in industrial/organizational psychology with a concentration in Human Factors Engineering.


Chad Leonard – BIO

Chad Leonard is the Director of Customer Experience at Modjoul.   Chad has deep product engineering experience that was driven from listening to the customer.  Chad understands the importance of the customer and develops long-standing client relationships. Chad’s focus on client experience goes beyond understanding the product and the robust data the SmartBelt produces, Chad ensures to incorporate customer feedback into the Modjoul experience every day.


As a life-long consumer of technology and a long-time wearer of fitness wearables, Chad developed a passion for electronic devices. Prior to joining Modjoul, Chad’s was an R&D engineer with Caterpillar where he brought several electronic products from concept to production.  Chad holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from Clemson University.

Location:  Georgia Power – 241 Ralph McGill Blvd NE, Atlanta GA 30308


241 Ralph McGill Blvd., Atlanta, Georgia, 30308, United States